My life with dogs began at the age of 16 when I got my first, and long awaited, dog. Rexi, the very docile Schnauzer-Lab mix came to me from a shelter and he lightened up my life for the next 15 years. We also took home Kitty, a six-month-old Vizsla. I got involved in the then novelty agility with this bouncy Vizsla girl.
It is thanks to Rexi that even today I am involved to dog training. I got more and more involved with dogs. I was interested in everything dog so I enrolled in a grooming course which I graduated from in 1991 with outstanding results.
I chose Liza very carefully. The breed characteristics fully matched my expectations. The kennel name “Jumper Hunter” came from the character and personality of Liza. From her first litter I kept Zelda, who gained several show results.

bedlington zephyr velemZephyr, the Bedlington terrier came to us in 2004 from the Colacoda kennel in Italy. She fulfilled my old dream. Zephyr proved to represent a high quality in the breed which I aim to keep in her offspring, as well.
Besides participating in shows all my dogs are mainly family dogs.

Our dogs are of high standard, we chose and raise them carefully.